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Designsoul / © Sarolta Gyoker - 05/01/2008 23:12:53 project: Morning Wine \ Europe \ Hungary \ Budapest
I was thinking of considering the Morning Wine project finished when I found a few more shots I thought of including, after all. Same time, same place, in the Main Market Hall of Budapest, early in the morning. These men appeared to be the exception to the rule; unlike the others who seemed to be escaping from an unbearable existence into the temporary pleasures of liquor, they were remarkably jolly and enjoyed wine for wine's sake, and for camaraderie. When spotting me, one raised his glass, toasting the morning sun...
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09/01/2008 00:44    from : prezntime

I love the light here...the strips of bright contrast is so nice for B&W. Here this seems a most casual scene; a relaxed smile and toast to some hidden figure, or thought. Good job anchoring the shot within a tilted's almost unnoticable, but that angle gives a nice dynamic feel to the freewheeling atmosphere.

I might just like beer alot though...  ;?}

07/01/2008 15:39    from : Darren M
I kind of agree with Francis here and I kind of think the issue is something other than too much DOF.  I do understand what he is saying, but for me the problem is not too much DOF, it is that the closer guy is not in focus while the other guy is.  It is rarely a positive to me when the person closer to the camera is out of focus and others are; that is true in this case as well.  A pleasing shot still, just not up with your very best Sasa.

06/01/2008 11:59    from : jinju
Looks like beer;)

I was hoping you would add more, afterall 4 photos isnt much for a story...As usual very good editing job Sasa with fantastic light and a beautiful moment.

06/01/2008 02:10    from : Furachan
Good tming, Sasa, and interesting to see you going for a double portrait in this series but... the complexity and confusion caused by the busy background and the two men all pretty sharp suggests that a brighter lens which could throw off the background more would have been called for here. Your trusty 18-70, unless you shove the lens under your subjects' noses, falls short in a situation like this. I really think DOF is a bit of a problem here, otherwise another ersonating shot in the series.

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