And Up Goes a Protester

Darren M / © Darren Melrose - 04/01/2008 02:51:35 project: Is it a protest if noone comes \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
The barbed wire barriers hadn't even been firmly in place when this placard waving enthusiast hopped onto it, gouging his body admirably, and started waving his sign.  AT this point, not only could you walk to the right and go around the barrier, but the barrier to the left hadn't even been moved into place; were another barrier in place, he wouldn't have been able to access the spot he is in now. 

In time, he was offered a thick piece of cardboard to put between his ass and the wire, but initially I was very entertained to see him make hamburger of himself.  What does that say of me?
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13/02/2008 04:48    from : randomcameraguy

Wonderful light on this one Darren.  The comp is spot on too.  You're pretty lucky to get a protest with barbed wire though, that's like camera candy! 

An interesting (and well written) series.

05/01/2008 23:34    from : Designsoul

Hi Darren, I keep coming back to this shot, and although I haven't had time to comment much lately, this stands out for its brave angle and excellent dynamism, the beauty of its colours, and of course the predominance of the barbed wire... a very nice work and I shall get back to your project later on more... happy new year to you.

05/01/2008 01:28    from : jinju
I like this too, but what I said about the last shot that I wish I could connet more with someone here goes double in this photo. I actually liked the previous much more, there was a hint of a face but there was that strong gloved hand that allowed me to connect. Not much of that here though.

04/01/2008 19:41    from : markoci
a bold compo from you, you know i like it... the criss-crossing wires and the frame of the barrier works well, the sky is nice, i knew right away which day it was taken :-)... i wonder about a slight fill in flash though to light his face a bit...

04/01/2008 09:07    from : Furachan
This strikes me as much better, darren, I like the extreme low POV, the inclusion of the arch and the reduction of the man on the right almost to a mere shadow. Good work...

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