crossing the river

polter / © Teresa Polanska - 19/08/2009 13:27:23 project: children in the park \ Europe \ Poland \ Gdansk - pomorskie
crossing the black river of the park
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14/11/2009 12:55    from : fixed
Beautiful photograph and moment. Sure it's scary.

22/08/2009 15:41    from : flydragon
beautiful !!  its like a dream !!

22/08/2009 07:37    from : Grazyna
I finally find how to write comments here withing beeing member ;)))
Beautiful, sensual, full of life, full of caracter.
The world through your eyes, something of unusual, of exeptional in each pixel.
Pure beauty.
Buzka. Grazyna.

21/08/2009 16:03    from : Polonaise


About three years ago our very own, incomparable Clairedelune  produced a photo of a child.


I was stunned and shocked about the beauty of it, the photography valor in it and very fresh approach to it.

I wrote rather long diatribe about the event, Luko dropped by and left few words as well ( damn Luko ! :-)), and a bunch of others ( it was the time back then when TE represented certain value in the world of photography).

Not until now I've seen something coming so close in portraying the essence of the childhood.

And, everything is there, Teresa… In your photograph.

The beauty of the movement.. The beauty of that girl in there… ( and, for that tiny, dark pixel right at the upper edge of her flying skirt - David Hamilton would sell his perverted soul to the devil with the smile on his face).


The childhood…


For, if there is a pool of muddy water in there - the kid has to step right in it.

If there is a bank of the dirty snow on the street - guess who's coming home dirty like a dog himself by accidentally falling into that snow.

If there is a brisk stream with the coldest water out there - we, the kids of the word - we have to cross it by jumping from rock to rock to rock ( if only to go back after one minute of staying in there, on the other side).


And, the most important element in  your presentation

Your signature mark.

These darks in there… The juicy, succulent, massively seductive - these darks in there.


Teresa.. You'd be the pride of every photo site there is.



20/08/2009 20:45    from : Nuno Lopes
Another great picture Teresa. Simply delightful! Thanks.

20/08/2009 17:53    from : bombilla
Really is a perfect panning shot for your desire to create an otherworldly, fantastic feel.  Like an image out of a storybook.  Again, just excellent choices in shooting, composition, post-processing.   You are working with real intention and focus, Teresa.  Good for you. 

19/08/2009 17:26    from : stevev1
A fine image. The high contrast b&w works nice here It's also nice that the face and hair are kept rather soft as this enhanced the admosphere of the scene, somewhat like a fairy tale indeed

19/08/2009 15:18    from : Homerhomer
gorgeous, open to many interpretations from scary through fairy tale, dreamy to downright joyfull, I guess it just depends on the mood of the viewer ;-)

19/08/2009 15:08    from : prantik

19/08/2009 14:17    from : Styl_Nox
my preference goes to this one of the project. Maybe the motion blur and the scene ... Like in a sort of fairy tale. I really like your b&w.

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