polter / © Teresa Polanska - 26/07/2009 13:44:00 project: varnishing day \ Europe \ Poland \ Gdansk - pomorskie
Still the objects of exposition seems to be unnoticed at varnishing day ... 
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03/08/2009 23:42    from : Noborder
Very amusing photo, I like these portraits of society and to observe the various expressions...

Cristian is right IMO : no need of such a big outer frame, the more so that the painting exposed (to which nobody seems to pay attention, something ironical) is already framed by the sort of wall made for the exhibition : great in the composition.

Great subject for a project, looking forward to seeing more !

27/07/2009 07:41    from : nOt ThErE yEt

Good observation, clearly puts the image in context.  But the frame is way too much.  Let the photo stand on its own.

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