What is Being Protected

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Adding to the comic irony (at least IMO) of my last post.

Here, you can see the lines of shield wielding police protecting the main gate from crashers protecting the "good" name of the Generalisimo.  However, when cute (actually beautiful) dogs wearing sunglasses are left to pose in front of the lines of police, one has to really wonder why there is such a show of force.  As with the guy in my last post, this guy may have had a strong political reason for being there, but to my jaded eyes it just added to the ridiculousness of the event.

Did I mention how beautiful I think the dog is.  Golden retrievers are my favourite dogs and Becki and I have talked a number of times about moving to the rural south of the island and taking one as a pet.  It is likely to happen in the next two years.
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02/01/2008 10:37    from : vapours

Nice to add a bit of humour here Darren,  it adds a great little break into your series. The positioning is great, and we also get to see a little bit of the human side of the police as they too watch on.

30/12/2007 13:32    from : jinju

Wheres Simon? This is so him....


Cool pooch. Funniest and most endearing of your shots in this story.

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