polter / © Teresa Polanska - 20/07/2009 23:43:00 project: varnishing day \ Europe \ Poland \ Gdansk - pomorskie
poet and photographer exchanging reflections during opening of exhibition of pencil drawings
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21/07/2009 07:03    from : Furachan
First of all. welcome to Photoholik, Teresa.
I see those thick "Polonaisian" black borders around your frame:I must say they look very good here, isolating your two subjects and concentrating the eye.
The compo itself is fine and I like very much what you are trying to do here - it's elegant, smart and very much "photographic" in terms of using light.

For me at least what lets this otherwise good image down is a lack of definition in the all important faces of these two gentlemen - I don't know if it's a lack of sharpness or something in your PP treatment (a problem with contrast perhaps) but this is a case where the faces really need to be sharp and clear and not greyed-out as here, where they seem to melt a bit into the very bright background beyond.

I see a lot of potential in this photograph and your approach, Teresa, but the faces need more definition for it to work. Perhaps a re-load can take care of that - it's worth a try.


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