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Darren M / © Darren Melrose - 27/12/2007 15:32:41 project: Is it a protest if noone comes \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
I have to wonder how you take things seriously when someone shows up at a rally dressed like this.  I am not even sure which side he was on, or if he wasn't taking sides and simply providing comic relief.  Anyways, I think it is quite clear that noone, especially not an out of shape, skinny 60 year old, is going to crash through this character and the wall of police.
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01/01/2008 04:31    from : Furachan
Meticulously composed, Darren, with the contrast crystal clear between the serious police Phalanx, and this goon... Intriguing scene, typical I guess of Taiwanese politics which sometimes comes close to Bozo the Clown from what I can gather...;o) Happy New Year to you and yours, Francis

28/12/2007 14:11    from : jinju

Its a funny shot and I like the wide angle view on the wall of Police with just a great FG character to bring it all together.

Cool post.

27/12/2007 15:45    from : markoci
haha, the odd one out... he seems to be part of the police lineup... even his flag is the same blue a the shields... i got some shots of him too, the following day, in a bowler hat, same moustache, waving a huge black flag with skull and bones, taunting the dpp supporters... he later sang with the kmt 'gang'... a good perspective and a funny photo...

27/12/2007 15:35    from : flydragon
ho !! i was enjoying to see Mark picture and liked his composition.
and now you Darren heheeh great post tonight. i do also like this composition
a journalistic picture.
Congrat and thx

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