Holding on to the Dictator

Darren M / © Darren Melrose - 20/12/2007 14:34:03 project: Is it a protest if noone comes \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
This is from day two of the protest and as you can see, not much of anything has built up to this point.  Here, one protester holds a photo of the late Generalissimo up, with the archway bearing his name in the background waiting to have its title changed.

I am personally no fan of dictators, Chiang being included in that group.  I most certainly don't understand how people in this day and age can still hold on to them as heroes.  Then again, I have not lived the life that some of his supporters have.  I have to say that I find it odd that he went by the title of the "Generalissimo".  I do realize that it is a legitimate military rank, just that the rather Italian sounding title brings to mind the Fascist Benito Mussolini.  Now, I don't think Mussolini was ever given the title of Generalissimo, but it is what is brought to my mind.  I wonder how Chiang would have felt knowing that relationship existed, at least in some minds?

OK, enough with word association
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22/12/2007 10:47    from : proxilva

Hi darren,

I don't agree with the previous comments, they are talking about 2 completly differents shots. If you come closeto this subject removing some parts on the left and even had some eyecontact with the man ( would that be terrible?) the whole shot as it is would be lost. We wouldn't be noticing the awkward empty square with people walking their dogs, we wouldn't have seen a lonely activist wondering himself "what the heck am i doing here?" it would be much more portrait like and not telling the story of your project half as well as this shot does...

very nice photo


22/12/2007 06:27    from : jinju
I think I agree with Fly in that it seems you are too removed from him. I think you are trying to emphasize the loneliness by showing us that wide angle of the empty square, but by this time I dont think thats needed...thats been established. Where I loved the shot before this, I think this falls a bit short: the distant feel and lack of intimacy with your subject. I think the photo should have emphasized the face on the poster as your note does.

21/12/2007 03:20    from : flydragon
Love this one also, i would like  see the 2 faces closer with wide angle.
maybe the part on the left is to much. anyway a good one in your project.


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