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I have to admit, I am not quite sure whose side this guy is on.  The pamphlets you see say something along the lines of "Chen Shui-Bian (the current president, leader of the DPP party and the number one target for the KMT) lied to me, Shih, Ming-Te (an ex ally to Chen, but now his biggest detractor and the head of a group who have worked hard to have Chen deposed)  lied to me, Lee Yuen-Je (I don't know who he is)lied to me, but my heart won't lie to me". 

It later mentions the what he calls the lie of 319, which refers to the unsuccessful assassination bid on Chen on the eve of the 2004 election.  319 brings out the conspiracy theorist in some (mostly) KMT members who feel the assassination attempt was staged to garner last minute votes for Chen and the DPP.  Anyways, he seems to be anti quite a few people, while not mentioning any pros.  Even though he doesn't like Shih, who has now more or less sided with the KMT, I would assume he is blue (a KMT supporter). 

Anyways, here he is, directly under the main archway, handing out his propaganda, still one of the very few actual protestors at the site. 

In the distance, you can see the main hall at the Taiwan Democracy Monument, previously the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.  Inside the monument is a huge statue of Chiang.  However, work has been going on at the Hall and the display area has been closed.  I have a feeling that the statue has been dismantled and when it reopens, there will be a likeness of Wang, Chien-Ming, the great New York Yankees pitcher.  At least with him, it would be someone that all Taiwanese support ;)

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07/03/2008 10:27    from : brevbrev14
Hi Darren, i like a lot this image...
i like a lot the position of the subject in the centre of the is perfect in this type of composition..
i like a lot also to see the world around him... and the position of the paper..
Very good work

22/12/2007 06:43    from : markoci
i don't remember what he was protesting about exactly either... he will show up in my story as well, i called him the outsider vaguely remembering a conversation with one of the bystanders about him... he was on the kmt side of the protest later when police separated the two sides...

a nice informative photo with your usual high quality colours, metering and sharpness...

21/12/2007 03:17    from : flydragon
A great use for the wide angle, i like is pose and also that he is in midle.
Interresting note and project Darren.

20/12/2007 21:38    from : vapours
Both you and Mark are getting some good ones from this area, a real informative project this one.

I think the shots pretty much spot on here, the most vital part to this shot I feel is the way that the white paper stands out from the background, theres no disputing what we should be giving our attention to.

20/12/2007 01:40    from : jinju

Hey darren,

I really like this, it stood out as a thumbnail because of the great balance in the FG. I really like the two papers jutting out at us, and the great contrast between that busy FG and that empty BG.

20/12/2007 01:07    from : Furachan
Good shot, really meaningful environmental portrait with plenty of depth. In its quite way this is a pretty resonant series, Darren - I'm enjoying it and learning all kinds of stuff about the internal workings of Taiwan (in the sahdwo of the Big Bad Bear...)
I still tyink this would have been a perfectly good (perhaps even better series in monochrome... My 02 cents).

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