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AnimeshRay / © Animesh Ray - 03/06/2009 07:39:00 project: Ghosts and the City \ Asia \ Cambodia \ Phnom Penh
In his life, the owner of this skull must have been a father or a son, a daughter, a mother or a wife.  A blunt instrument, probably the axle of an automobile, was swung high in the air and then brought down along a parabola on to the right parietal aspect of the person's head, causing a massive trauma, as the person was made to kneel, a loudspeaker blared Khmer Rouge patriotic songs in the background to drown out the victim's moans if they had survived for a little while as the throat was slit following the bashing on the head.  The body had joined some 20,000 others killed at Tuol Sleng in four years.  The skull now rests as a reminder of the deeds of our times.  Against these ghosts life goes on today in the avenues of Phnom Penh, in hundreds of little shops where petite bourgoise life continues to blossom and find happiness in little houses.
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03/06/2009 10:37    from : Furachan
Very strong juxtaposition, Animesh. I am fascinated by this project - as you know I attempted my own "City of ghosts" about PP, but I tried suggest the presence of ghosts trough modern day scenes, and it proved impossible - I gave up halfway through in sheer frustration.
But you have clearly found a way to do this, perhaps the only way... Good on you!

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