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AnimeshRay / © Animesh Ray - 11/04/2009 23:18:00 project: Utopia \ Asia \ Cambodia \ Khett Banteay Mean Cheay
It had rained a little last night, but today the sun is bright.  Max looks at the river thoughtfully and declares, "All those dirt in the water..."  Where is the dirt?  He points to the swirl of slightly lighter shadow along a section of the river on low tide.  I thought this was just the light.  "You should trust people who knows," says Max.
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14/04/2009 03:41    from : njosnavelin
Hmm...I was looking for special words, which are not my specialty. Well, I did not find any, so: I love it. It's like a dolphin is plunging and playing...that's what I see. One with the sea, in confidence, in sheer energy. And the slightly tilted horizon, just enough, to make a big difference, like going withe that movement. The tiny boat. The girl's head in the corner. What a composition, Animesh. And that sense of calm...only the soft waves. The simple things of life...Superb.

14/04/2009 03:24    from : prezntime nothing here in terms of little words for your photo. Well, sometimes silence is the height of praise. I'm drawn to this shot...the tension is incredible, the strained muscles and the faceless bodies... A bit of drama in a world that doesn;t care.

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