Cloud over Bokor Hill

AnimeshRay / © Animesh Ray - 07/04/2009 06:55:26 project: Utopia \ Asia \ Cambodia \ Khett Kampot
In the evening I meet Peter, a young fellow from Brisbane who has been traveling in Scotland and now in Asia for the past two years.  A quiet chap, who reads Camus, Sartre and Kafka.  I ask him to look up Bruce Chatwin and also Coetzee. 

Peter swims in the river.  An unseasonable rain cloud gathers over the horizon, past Bokor Hill, the first in the Cardamom Range.
Max is irritated.  "Damn the rain! The whole weather pattern is changing here.  It never used to rain in February..." 
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12/04/2009 03:15    from : njosnavelin
My heart stands almost still at the simple, yet sheer beauty of this. Love the darkness coming and those clouds singing in the sky. I can hear it all too.

Coetzee is the one that I prefer from that list :), an immense writer. Then Kafka.

09/04/2009 01:03    from : Xavis
Utopia...? I like this utopia. ;-) Where dreams becames reality, where reality becames a dream. A great shot!

07/04/2009 14:46    from : Furachan
Lovely, dreamy shot, Animesh - quite superb. I sense that Luko might just pay you a visit over this - and he's got the right references too. A quite fav for me.

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