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A river flows by the front

AnimeshRay / © Animesh Ray - 06/04/2009 22:39:00 project: Utopia \ Asia \ Cambodia \ Khett Banteay Mean Cheay
The deck extends out to the water.
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07/04/2009 04:02    from : Furachan
Man I So wanted to go to Kampot (after it was too late and I was already in bloody Battambang ;o) This is precisely how I imagined it. Nice complex, sophisticated compo here, the scene neatly divided into two: the river side and the ingterior. Some highlights towards the river though eh? I guess those alph summicrons are plenty contrasty, even with film...

Anyway, fascinating, somewhat experimental project, concentrating on this small guesthouse in this small corner of the world.

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