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By the river

AnimeshRay / © Animesh Ray - 06/04/2009 22:39:00 project: Utopia \ Asia \ Cambodia \ Khett Banteay Mean Cheay
Twice a day the current shifts, interspersed by moments of absolute stillness. 
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12/04/2009 09:25    from : Furachan
No I think it is definitely a cool, elegant shot, ANimesh, but the large passing-man area is a tad too dark, it's a delicate balance but I would try and lighten it up a bit so we are not just looking into a hole as it were... Tremendous potential to this take.

07/04/2009 01:57    from : njosnavelin
Hi Animesh,
I am less sure about this one, mainly because of the large and dark grey area around the passing man, I feel it takes too much space vis-à-vis the scene by the river. Curious to see what the others will say.

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