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markoci / © Mark Panszky - 14/12/2007 09:24:46 project: a night at the theater \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
not sure about this one, i just felt i needed something to end this mini series (as it turned out to be)... i hope i will come across another performance to make it more complete..

hesitant about the pp too, obviously there was a big difference in light (the lanterns were not very luminous), i ended up posting this version (btw anyone feel a need for 'workshops' on photoholik?)...

this project (if you can even call it that) is now closed, will be back on the weekend with comments, sorry i was rather absent lately...
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15/12/2007 01:14    from : Furachan
Nice use of tilting - good color (you are very meticulous about color and it shows...) It's overall a good mood setting scene, and as such I would have OPENED with that rather than see? I honestly believe you might have ended with a close up scene, a bit of intimacy and started off with this scene setting shot. Nice short series overall though with a geat deal of charm.

14/12/2007 15:35    from : jinju

No workshops....I think its a function better left to TE. I think we have graduated to a level where we know what we are doing and lets leave the pp to the photog.

Ill comment on your series later, its a bigger job, and Ill just stick to this shot for now.

Its a fairly decent ending. I like the two levels. PP wise theres not too much of a problem, it was a dark place so you will have more problems in editing. I like the prominence you gave to the lanterns though Id like something dynamic to happen below. Overall not a bad ending to what is kind of a short series. I wish it was longer but more on that in project comments.

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