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markoci / © Mark Panszky - 13/12/2007 10:21:45 project: a night at the theater \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
interesting, i seemed to have lost the exif on this one during processing...

just trying to finish this mini project (as it turned out to be) quickly... i think i'll upload one more, and then will have more time to critique..
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13/12/2007 18:45    from : Designsoul
Brave of you to have left those glaring lights in the back, Mark, but altogether not a mistaken choice as its coldness and intrusiveness contrasts so strongly with the people in the front, young and old, sweetly immersed in the theatre. Lovely warm colours and nice handling of lowlight again, really makes me yearn for Canon more and more...

13/12/2007 15:25    from : Darren M
This is not bad Mark, I quite like it. The positives here are how the eyes are all focused into a spot beyond the edge of the frame; it certainly is obvious that they are watching a performance. I also like the colors. The more negative would be the bright, kinda big blowout in the background...I am more bothered by the one on the right. I know that it would have been pretty much impossible to avoid, but I still wish it wasn't there. I also wish the focus was on the little girl and not the woman on the right; The little girl is ALMOST in focus, but there is no doubt to me that the woman is sharper. Overall, a pretty nice bit of lowlight shooting.

13/12/2007 11:12    from : Furachan
This is a lovely shot, Mark, full of wonder and sweetness. Interestingly that warm stage lighting is now bathing the audience for the first time. An intriguing project...

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