markoci / © Mark Panszky - 12/12/2007 16:56:19 project: a night at the theater \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
well, ok, more like sidestage...
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14/12/2007 04:14    from : prezntime

Hello Mark...I do like the perspective like Animesh...Those human frames tend to be the best limits on a photograph. Somehow compressing the shot with life. It's informal, yet complicated. Again, the colors are amazing and I really like the difference between the muted shaded areas and the bright primary colors in the light.


13/12/2007 17:19    from : AnimeshRay
Hi Mark,
I acutally like this perspective a lot. THe device of using the two sihouetted figures in the foreground to frame the girl is good for the contextual reference of the occasion. Very nice color.

13/12/2007 16:42    from : Darren M
Hi Mark. While I do like the idea of shooting down a tunnel, this shot has a little too much dead area in the foreground for me. I have a feeling this needs a little longer lens and perhaps a portrait orientation.

12/12/2007 23:54    from : Furachan
Excellent "threading the needle" shot, Mark, perhaps teh best of the series s far. I like how these whole project seems to be among other things about two zones of color: the well lit, bright stage area and the shadowy, brownish audience.

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