luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 12/12/2007 12:50:36 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
Cause the tide is high
And it's rising still
And I don't wanna see it at my windowsill

These words are from my favorite Canadian band - Arcade Fire - and will serve the purpose of introducing my farewell photo from Toronto.

Studying the habits of the passerby from inside the safety of our windowsills is a common activity in the old quarters of Lisboa. Most of the times, it is performed by elder people who unfortunately don't have elsewhere to spend their lives. I guess my Portuguese habit of looking into high windows must have caught the attention of this young university student...
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13/02/2008 04:00    from : randomcameraguy
I like this one alot!  great graphism in the buildings lines.  maybe a bit more contrast?  but in any case it's well done. 

Was this taken at the U of T?  It kind of reminds me of my uni days...

14/12/2007 04:11    from : prezntime
Hello Luis. I'm quite a fan of this shot...the sharp angles of the concrete are an excellent foil for the curve of her leg...and those angles also play up the lonely feel of the photograph for me. Not sure, but stark cement and squared lines always throws me into mild bouts of depression...sort of the modern world in all of its bland coldness...Here she seems to echo those feelings that I tend to have...which, in turn, truly connects this shot to myself. The only story of a photograph, unless words are put to the shot by the photographer,  is the one in which the viewer is the creator. The viewer will use his/her experience and intelligence, sympathy and ignorance to construct a story that doesn't really exist, but is important to the eyes and mind of that viewer. It's the wonderful thing about photography, photos force us to think and create...if only to resolve are own personal dilemmas in life.
It's only after viewing the photgraph that I read the note...that way I decide whether or not the words are conveinent for me...  8?}


13/12/2007 21:59    from : luan
She looks like a bird in a cage, imprisonned onto a concrete jail somewhere with tiny space to live...I like this one and its meaning.

13/12/2007 16:56    from : Darren M
Hi Luis. Nice photo here. The use of lines and her pose have really done a good job in creating a feeling of isolation. Good B&W treatment too. This is the type of shot I would just never notice to take myself.

13/12/2007 06:21    from : flydragon
Hello Luis
soooooo strange you know, i saw your picture i did like this one, and when i read your note
i was listening Neon bible ;o) at the same time i saw your words about Arcade fire
what a coinsidence. I do like also this band, not all song but some are amazing.
about your picture i do like it. love the texture of the building and of course your framing.
i feel a little tilt ?   i do like it.

PS sorry if i cant comment that often, so busy and so tired with my work here in Bangkok

13/12/2007 06:07    from : Furachan
Perhaps the most powerful single shot in your series so far, Luis, composed with great skill, great instincts. She is there, tiny inside her small frame within a frame, buit the entire scene is claustrophobic and we cannot escape from it either... Brilliant.

13/12/2007 01:07    from : alimo3

Hello Luis,
this picture makes a very strong feeling,
the light,the tones ,the texture of the concrete and the very tight "dungeon" where the girl is traped gives an heavy atmosphere.
nice work.


12/12/2007 15:47    from : jinju
Oppressive geometry, human being caught or rather trapped and suffocated within. Very cool, although cold on the surface it conveys more emotion than any other shot in this series with exception of the perfect coat shot.

12/12/2007 14:56    from : Designsoul

Wow, what a claustrophobic offering, a real oppressive crowning on the series that I have enjoyed much. The girl hoisted in the tiny corner of the window of this concrete prison-like edifice is tremendously captured and adds a metaphoric edge to this great graphic tilted bw.

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