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luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 11/12/2007 15:22:33 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
Just an art gallery in one of the busiest downtown streets selling and exposing classic, modern and abstract work. Don't ask me why, but I was drawn into this scene for some reason...
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13/12/2007 17:13    from : AnimeshRay
A brilliant abstraction! Love it. With or without the caption at the top. Terrific photo>

13/12/2007 15:12    from : vapours
Saw this image and loved it when you first posted it, and now I get to comment on it :)

A classy feel to the shot with the slick black blur of the person and the 4wd, the paintings add a slightly sophisticated feel and I love the boldness of the sign and the way it sticks out from the darkness with it almost looking as if you added it yourself into photoshop.

The series of paintings in the shop feel as if we are peering into a series of secret worlds.

12/12/2007 03:30    from : Furachan
Well there is certainly a Sasa-esque feel to this one, Luis. really very appealing and atmospheric, mysterious, shady... Depending on the colour of the car, it might well have been fun in colour. You know... RED car whizzing by...
Nice work, involving series overall, really quite a cool concept.

12/12/2007 00:39    from : jinju
Alternative title "Collission Course". So much action here, fantastic motion blurs. Nicely framed at the top by the sign, then divided into halves by the lamp post. Two superbly caught blurrs and the tree motif joining the two halves. Very nice work, Luis.

11/12/2007 15:29    from : Designsoul

I love it too, Luis, equally drawn to the graphic beauty of it all--with the bold fonts of the Galery through the spokes of the bicycle wheels to the shifting blur of both the figure and the car on either side, beautifully framed with the lamppost in between the sign's words. There's a Christmas feel to this somehow. It is a lovely work. Am glad that you got out to see TO after all... and brought us back a new vision of it! Warmly


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