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stevev1 / © Steve Viscot - 20/01/2009 20:33:19 project: Shadowland \ Asia \ India \ Mumbai (Bombay)
Chowpatty Beach is not meant for sunbathing or swimming, but for eating. Situated at the northern end of Marine drive, Chowpatty Beach is popular amongst people of all age groups. Every evening, this beach gets stuffed with people, amidst food kiosks, ferry rides, balloon sellers, etc. Moreover, it hosts various festivals of the Hindus throughout the year. Coconut Festival and Ganesh Chaturthi are the events that bring together people, from all stratus of the Commercial Capital of India. During the sunlight hours, Chowpatty Beach makes the resort of the people who doze under the shade of small trees. However, the evenings transform the whole beach into a venue for some carnival, where children enjoy in ferry rides and pony rides, while curb wayside astrologers make some swift money.
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18/02/2009 22:40    from : s10001in

Great Photo Steve...

Just perfect.

Well taken and it has everything.

Great work.



24/01/2009 17:03    from : Homerhomer

The light shining through baloons is just out of this world, just superb, but I think the background is not up to par with the main subject, just too cluttered and not as well defined as I would like it to be.

24/01/2009 13:21    from : Luko

Cannot think of a better RVB image. Firstly I am deeply impressed with this pic, I would have loved doing it : it has almost everything I am looking for, lighting contrast, the bit of melancholy the end of the day brings in, packed with people... I just miss may be a bit more of a story telling (...don't know what :  a girl doing Hulahoop in the background ;) ...).

Secondly I am completley withyou on your shadowland project. Some would say it's an easygoing theme made with golden hits, but there are so many eye candies in it. It oozes a geyser of photographying pleasure.

Carry on Steve! 


22/01/2009 17:07    from : njosnavelin

Hi Steve. It's my preferred so far in this project. There's a sense of relaxation here, love those colors, the balloons and the sun shining through. The low angle, the town in the background and the dark silhouttes add to the wonderful mood. Great slice of life.


22/01/2009 12:43    from : brevbrev14
ciao Steve, i can only love this image
the sun through the coloured ballons is amazing
beautiful work

22/01/2009 05:34    from : Siddhartha

Great shot Steve! I mean this balloon pictures from Mumbai are a known prop for photography from this particular place. Yet this one does stand out so much on its own.


21/01/2009 04:34    from : didierv
I liked that picture the minute I peaked at the thumbnail.
The tones, the composition, I think it's all there.

21/01/2009 04:08    from : tcht
hello steve, wonderful silhouette! there's some kind of natural 'partial desaturation' going on... beautfiully compose and nice low-ish angle. well done~

20/01/2009 21:22    from : El Inglés
For me, Steve, the best of the series so far. A wonderful half-light and those magnificently coloured balloons perfectly placed in front of the sun and its corona. I'd just correct the small tilt in the horizon but I'm ever the pedant. Best wishes Stephen

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