Out of sight

galeota / © Gal Eota - 20/01/2009 18:59:35 project: Escalade \ Europe \ Switzerland \ Geneva
Words are not mandatory for good byes. Beauty remains in small gestures and (apparently) insignificant attitudes.
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25/01/2009 12:14    from : fixed
J'aime beaucoup celle-ci, tout s'arrête pour cette petite 'princesse'. Me rappelle une voisine, je n'ai jamais vraiment réussi à lui exprimer ma sympathie amoureuse ... en même temps je n'avais que 6 ans :) Merci et surtout bravo.

22/01/2009 12:17    from : proxilva
Classic shot Gal. 
I never had the pleasure to make such a shot (don't hang out much in crowds ;o)), but I always like the look of it. Again this nice semiwarm silver threatment, it makes it look so well thought out..

p.s. hope the suit arrived unwrinkled, it was not as easy as you might think to get it all in one enevelope...  

21/01/2009 00:49    from : Furachan
That's a classic needle in a haystack shot - the one person who looks your way in a sea of bonnets. Beautifully timed. This is a very charming series, Gal, lots of sensitivity here, gentle humour, all that. Kind of a model project really, as opposed to these painful, haphazard affairs of mine ;o)

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