Night falls over B-Town

Furachan / © Francis Harrison - 20/01/2009 00:10:17 project: Paradise Lost \ Asia \ Cambodia \ battambang
Simple pleasures. Modest hopes. Small mercies. That's the order of the day as night falls over Battambang...
Shot near the old market.
Photographically this is about as late as your lenses will work in that town. Within minutes you'd be shooting in the murk - it certainly challenges the limits of my rangefinder at 1600 iso (now with a Nikon D3 maybe....)
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07/05/2011 00:29    from : nOt ThErE yEt
Very cinematic, Francis.  I think you caught this moment in time in an expansive way here - and probably made it look more attractive than the reality.  Gorgeous colors.

14/03/2009 18:37    from : partha
Hi Francis,
A nice addition in your project. The photograph reveals the daily life superbly. The time you have chosen for shooting is great which gives a nice combination of the light of setting Sun and the fluorescent lamps.
Lovely shot.

24/01/2009 20:21    from : Luko
That is much more better for me, furachanesque to the bone. Dusty little towns at twilight and unattractive foodstalls.. would probably look like Indonesia...
I do not agree with our buddy Steve on the overexposure symptom, I think you were simply a quarter of an hour late, you nailed the exposure for this hour of the day but the neonlights simply blew it. (and that RD1 sensor too...I know it sounds like a cruzade against the RD1).

22/01/2009 16:51    from : njosnavelin
How I wish there was more of this in Belgium...I can dream difficult it is to catch people here, so suspicious...
The simple pleasures yes.That little scene around the shop is a marvel of colors and expressions. The young girl in the frame ! Gorgeous compo and that smile so warm. Never been to Asia but here I feel right there, it talks strongly. Beautiful sky too. I do find your latest posts have a kind of tender mood...that I enjoy thoroughly. I wish that car wasn't there.:-) but then it belongs. A fav.
I wish you any camera you have your eyes on:-). Michèle

20/01/2009 20:46    from : stevev1
Ah the admosphere of night markets. Hmmm exotic food and booze, the mozzies buzzing against the lampposts. Scooters going by...adding fumes to the already thick air. I miss moments like these.
Thanks for the memories!
Now about the shot :)    Don't you think it's a wee bit on the bright side? I mean, your note says you're on the limits of that sensor but I'm sure you could squeeze out an extra 1/2 stop here

20/01/2009 12:29    from : ALSOM
This is a kind of moment & atmosphere I missed much in France: people in the street, you can find food anytime, anywhere ... This is asia.

20/01/2009 04:17    from : prezntime
God man, nothing simple here for me...this is complicated in a way only nature can make seamless. The colors are fascinating...the beautiful girl smiling behind the glass...A bit of warmth for me as I sit in the cold of winter.

20/01/2009 00:22    from : prantik
This is lovely Francis. I have never been to Cambodia, but this is how I picture the place, and this is how India is as well. This shot oozes the falavours of south and south-east asia.

PS: By the way, something about this picture reminded me of our friend Shail. Where/how the heck is he?

20/01/2009 00:20    from : Xavis
Just a simple shot...just a simple moment of live passing in front of you. I like very much Francis. The red lights contrasteds with the green lights of the mobilshop, and specialy I like the framing of the beuty lady into the shop. This scene make me dream about this place, I can imagine the noise of the moto engines, the people talking or laughting, and may be I can feel the warm wether.

Hasta la vista amigo!


PS: your rangefinder works really well, and your poulse is good too, to take the picture without movement.

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