workers on a break

stevev1 / © Steve Viscot - 19/01/2009 20:06:28 project: Shadowland \ Asia \ India \ Union Territory of Pondicherry
At a new building of the Sri Aurobino Ashram (Auroville) workers take a break from laying the tiles of the floor.
Auroville remains a city in the making
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19/01/2009 23:03    from : Furachan
SUperb compo, Steve, without a doubt, a true shadow shot - my only recommendation would be to do it in pure BW, I don't get the advantage of the hint of colour here, but that's just me I guess...

19/01/2009 20:09    from : randomcameraguy
That's better!  love the shadows here, great use of light and it's perfect that you found this scene with people (it wouldn't be the same without them).  I wish those two little posts at the top weren't there, but thats not you who put em there right?  ;-)

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