brevbrev14 / © Valeria Berti - 19/01/2009 18:54:09 project: DARK DAYS \ Europe \ Italy \ PADUA
..fear... this is what I see in the eyes...

About the project:
I have not had the possibility to enter the cages and unfortunately  there was any person when I have made the photos so...i am sorry...but  I have not had the possibility to show different points of view. Thanks for the useful suggestions.

I love a lot all the animals and I have two dogs at home..one of these comes from this kennel.. :)
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20/01/2009 19:48    from : njosnavelin
Valeria, yes I understand what you mean, I think you did a great job with the relatively small amount of possibilities you had. There's a truly prison like feeling. This is one of the most striking in the series. Fear, lots of fear. I fear with him. What will his life be ? It comes out strongly, it invades the frame. I told you already how terrible I do find these situations, my heart goes out to them and closes to all those that create the pain. Thank you.

19/01/2009 23:01    from : Furachan
Ciao Valeria, I think Alex, who is turning out to be a very astute critic is probably right about repetition within the project, but this IS one of your best shots and very powerful in its own right so... well done ;o) Cheers, Francis

19/01/2009 19:08    from : randomcameraguy
As an individual photo I love this: great expression on the eyes, nice use of the fence, and I'm glad to see a photo with both a dog and human... but I do think that as a project some of the photos are starting to overlap in terms of telling the story.  I don't know if you planned this set out before posting but I feel it needs some different elements to tell the story fully.  Maybe one of a sign or posted note on a wall that tells of the story of the place?  Maybe one of the office that shows the workspace of the people?  Maybe one of the building from the outside?  etc...

Really cool single image though.  Very nice work Val.


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