The dying of the light

Furachan / © Francis Harrison - 19/01/2009 12:39:13 project: Paradise Lost \ Asia \ Cambodia \ battambang
The Riverside Balcony, a humble old wooden house at the very edge of town, is THE place to be when the sun goes down. The bar upstairs looks onto the river and the surrounding jungle and, right on cue the dying sun does its thing on the house across the way.
Every gone backpacker, Japanese drifter and Aussie drifter is there sooner or later, sipping on a cheap cocktail and drinking in the view...
The problem is when night falls you are a long way from couple of restaurants open for tourists in Battambang proper and those intervening streets are pitch dark...
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07/05/2011 00:37    from : nOt ThErE yEt
 Another movie shot.  Incredible light.  And the touch of those palms.  Outstanding.

28/01/2009 04:56    from : prezntime

There is movement in those trees...maybe the helicopters that Luko speaks of, maybe the soft breeze. Incredible light handling here Francis. I'm very much in favor of your apparent recent abandonment of single shot killers...there is something to be said for subtlety. The appreciation of the ordinary, in the context of the greater whole, is a sign of maturity.

PS...Maybe not abandonment, but you know what I mean. Simple beauty is extremely important. It's the difference between Coltranes expansive "Chasin the Trane" and Lester Youngs 56 solo on "Fine and Mellow".

24/01/2009 20:10    from : Luko
Like Jorrit says (but Jorrit is the voice of reason dressed in a clown) this is the pano shot of the grand opening of... Apocalypse now? City of ghosts? Air America?.. I don't know which but sooner or later there would -normally- be a flock of helicopters dropping some napalm on this rural scene.
Very good quality of colors to me, probably not really a standalone but the kind of shot you should see on the quarter of a page of Nat Geo. 

22/01/2009 12:41    from : proxilva

Francis this one is like an opening shot of a movie, we hear the sounds from the bar as the music fades away and the camera slowly zooms in to this paradisal bar.
The lightfall is special and the foreground is excellent choosen, forme the balcony works pretty well, there is a sort of longing in this shot,longing to get to that balcony stare at the river and the surroundings and hey why not have a cocktail with it :o)...

19/01/2009 17:18    from : randomcameraguy
Hi Francis,

This one is wonderfully exposed, with great colours and shadows.  Like Stephen I'm not sure if the Balcony as a central focus is the strongest choice in a one off photo, but the photo works as a nice establishing shot if you take us to the balcony next...

19/01/2009 17:10    from : El Inglés
Another gorgeous light and pastiche of colours but I don't think the balcony is a strong enough actor to do justice to this wonderful stage. However, I remain to see how this single image fits in with the rest of the project. Best wishes Stephen

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