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into the night

stevev1 / © Steve Viscot - 19/01/2009 19:44:45 project: Shadowland \ Asia \ China \ Anhui Sheng
Last light on the Tibetan plateau
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19/01/2009 19:48    from : randomcameraguy
I don't feel this one Steve.  The silouette is ill defined and I just don't see "last light on the Tibetan plateau" in this.  Having seen you other work I have to judge this by those standards and it's just not up to par.  Sorry man.


further notes on the reload:

yes it's technically better Steve, but I still don't think it's not as strong as your images can be.  I say draft this one to maintain the quality of the project. 


19/01/2009 06:28    from : Furachan
Cool shot again, Steve, distinguished for me by the fact that it could have been shot anywhere - Arizona, Colorado, the Massif Central of France, you kinow what I mean? And I LIKE that, in the same way as I don't care much for your "typical" Tibetan views.
It may not be the strongest of this shadow set but that peculiarity I underlined pleases me just fine...

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