Remembrance Day

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 10/12/2007 16:21:19 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
During my entire stay in Toronto, I got puzzled about a little red poppy everyone was wearing on their laps. I finally got my answer from a young sikh - yes, a young sikh - at Dundas Sq. That poppy was a precious memory brought from the battlefields of Flanders during the I World War.
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14/12/2007 04:08    from : flydragon
Hello Luis
i 100% agree with Luko comment
and woudl like say what a great picture with a soft nice black and white
very well seen Luis

13/12/2007 21:51    from : luan
A nce mix of people and race onto one and unique uniform, the human perspective is really nice and all those faces are also !
Well done Luis

13/12/2007 17:34    from : Luko

Fantastically spotted :, that crowns the underlying multicultural theme in this project.
Executed like a BW classic. Great photo.

13/12/2007 15:17    from : vapours
Another excellent one, sharpness is right on tack which is further enhanced by the cleanliness if teh uniforms and the checkered hats. If theres ever an image to have in black and white, this is no doubt it.

13/12/2007 04:09    from : prezntime
'Ello Luis...Man, that signifies alot, a lost generation. A generation of young men dropped into a meat-grinder based loosely on Napoleonic techniques and modern brutality. Those rigid faces...lined perfectly...showing the true discipline of the army. To me, unknowing of the carnage of prolonged war. The photo is strong just for it's stark composition, but the fact that you have focused on the one dark face really brings the photos quality up quite a bit. Such a contrast and in-and-of-itself a unique photo oppurtunity. It's a classic shot Luis.

11/12/2007 05:12    from : jinju
I like this, and I especially like the one different man, the black man, in the crowd of mostly white faces.  Very good diagonal composition, Luis.

10/12/2007 22:49    from : AnimeshRay
Perfectly framed, as Francis said, and a great black and white to boot.  Terrific series so far.

10/12/2007 21:44    from : Furachan
Bang on shot, Lis! Lucky you running across these guys in your wander... Perfectly framed and a real departure from the street shots. Neat change of pace.

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