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This is an old diptych of mine from something like 2004, I still like it and I thought I'd start off my series of tyches with it...

The image to the left was taken in front of the house I lived in, the streets were lined with oak trees and the leaves would cover the road in the autumn.  The image to the right is from my bedroom window.

It was taken while I was living in Vancouver, Canada--the rainiest region of Canada.  As it says in Wikipedia, "from November until March, it is not uncommon for there to be 20 consecutive days with some amount of rain."

I moved to Vanvouver because I hated the cold and snow.  I found out there that I hate cold and rain more.

* * *

A diptych is a photograph that uses two images (three for a triptych) side by side to form one single artistic statement. The two images can literally be in contact with each other, or separated by a border or frame.
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15/01/2009 17:23    from : brevbrev14
Hi Alex!
really interesting idea the diptych! original...and i am really courious about your new project..
Here the interaction between the leaves and the rain is perfect...the orange tones too

13/01/2009 19:21    from : Homerhomer

I also like it although am not excited about as much as Luko ;-) I like it visually, doesn't really evoke much of a feeling to me (unlike it does for some others ;-) but very pleasing to the eye. Keep stirring the pot Alex, looking forward to more.

13/01/2009 17:52    from : Luko
My oh my, Alex ... is it me or do you dare posting sexually explicit content on Holik?
Did you know underage members like Nono are using this site and Holik admins now needs to write a disclaimer and eventually ban him to comply with regional laws...

C'mon, Alex, don't tell me you had other things in mind when you posted a diptych combining that thick bottle ready to shove into this hairy hole? ;-)))))) 

13/01/2009 11:41    from : flydragon
yes yes yes  i will be with you on thi project Alex, and glade you have posted this diptych work. But its maybe a bit late for those autumnal colors ;o).
I like very much this color range.

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