Homerhomer / © Peter Kozikowski - 12/01/2009 01:44:47 project: 2108 \ America \ Canada \ Province d' Ontario
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22/07/2009 12:14    from : s10001in

This is beautiful capture.
It is cool and great rythem. It is something where feel like loosing own existance in Infinite.
It is evocative.

Great!!! So Simple...but the best!!!

12/01/2009 23:46    from : fixed
Love your ice heart. Dark vision.
One more sensitive.

12/01/2009 19:15    from : galeota
I'm really glad I won't be here anymore in 2108, and I hope my children will also already be gone. The perspective of  living in a frozen no man's land, hiding underground from fantastic animal species and other bizarre beings don't suit me all. Each post of this project reminds how much I appreciate the sunlight. Gal

Gee, I just saw that, from the thumbnail, the light is in shape of a heart. Hope rises from the holocaust, like a phoenix.

12/01/2009 18:02    from : stevev1

This, for me, is not a good as your previous postings in this set. It's far less dreamlike and graphic. That doesn't mean that I think it's a bad image...far from it. I just dont get any emotion looking at this one.

Take care


12/01/2009 11:46    from : flydragon
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love it, a dreamy picture. You are right some picture doe not need any words .Certain photos are made to make us dream.
i like 2018.

12/01/2009 04:32    from : prantik
Icy cold heart..Comes with icicles too, hug at your own risk..
Really great photo..Very evocative!

12/01/2009 01:52    from : Furachan
As much as I hunger for a few explicative words from you, my brother (like in the bloody project INTRO for a start ;o)), I get the jist of your Haiku-like "2108" (more of a new Ice Age than Global Warming still...) Stupendous photograph. Classy. Moving. There. ps. I am SO glad your back with us and contributing on all cylinders, man; I cannot tell you how important that is... Now about that INTRO ;o)

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