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stevev1 / © Steve Viscot - 11/01/2009 18:23:00 project: Enter the dragon \ Asia \ China \ Yunnan Sheng

Ok the hell with pipe smoking farmers....I don't really like the alternate...

I thank Simon, Francis and Alex for their critiques.

Here we have firemen marching the streets of Dali

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15/01/2009 05:53    from : randomcameraguy
edited comment for reloaded photo:

I like the new image, but it's an odd replacement for your previous image.  I think I would have preferred if you posted the other photo with the men playing cards.  that said, this one is good as a one off but it seems like a departure from the dominant darker (as in exposure) images that make up the majority of this project.


original comment below:

I'm in agreement with Simon here (your alternate works for me better as well).  this comp would work better for me if:
- I could see more of his face
- his cards were more prominent and in focus
- there weren't all the cut off parts (arm, head) in the frame

As it is, it's not up to par with your skills.

11/01/2009 18:55    from : flydragon
After i have seen this picture 2 or 3 time Steve. i am not crazy about this composition.
and the choice of the vertical frame. because thi kind of picture is like a documentary picture if i am not wrong. but with your vertical frame you show us less information here, and we could feel that around there is many player. I am deprived not to see these players and the context. the only good info i have here is the Pipe, is it enought to make a good picture ?

ADD: oupsss new picture new comment.
Do those guy come to my house  after my naughty comment ;o) hihi not effraid them
i dont think they can walk like duck from China to Paris
Of course this picture talk more to me, but we have changed topic. Military always amaze me, because they often look so ridiculous.

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