Your kingdom for a horse

galeota / © Gal Eota - 11/01/2009 11:45:36 project: Escalade \ Europe \ Switzerland \ Geneva

Oye, honourable Photoholik men and women. Bring your horse if you’d like to be welcomed at our society room. You have no horse? No social future for you then, sorry and pass your way.

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14/01/2009 20:50    from : proxilva
Ciao Gal,

My observations so far on your project:

Black and White, of course nothing else would possibly capture the past as close to our imagination of it, as the black and white version. Your treatment of the black and white is once again exceptional. Soft greys and at the same time deep black.

I do have some doubts by your approach of this event thought, it seems like you carefully framed out all the 20th century elements there must be around here, where you shot these photo’s. I wanna see Jacques Mercier calling his mummy on his cell phone, telling her he won’t be home for dinner, in the reflection of a parked shiny BMW (maybe with a big Mac in his other hand). Oke that will be a bit difficult, but you get the point, I think, it’s not 1602, it’s 406 years after… It would add some monty python like absurdism to this play that will suit it well.

We see here that it really pays to make a project, of something like this, over more years. All the compositions are beautiful. It’s nice to have something to choose from. ‘not exactly Miles Davis’ made me choke in my coffee once I found out he was almost sticking the trumpet up his nose, his expression is what they say ‘ priceless’….

Curious how this project continues and what you have still in stock…

11/01/2009 13:02    from : Furachan
SUbtle movement in the lower quarters, Gal ;o) "Furtive". All this makes me think that this particular shot would be stunning in color where the little "chaperon rouge" would really POP against the background. I like the "salle de societe" sign i the back too.

11/01/2009 11:50    from : flydragon
On dirai que le petit chaperon rouge n'a pas de cheval non plus, vu comment le dos courbé
il essaye de fuir l'endroit. N'ayant moi même pas de cheval je vais me contenter de regarder et commenter cette photo de chez moi. Il y a quelques d'inquiétant dans cette image peu être le souvenir de certains conquistadors.

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