randomcameraguy / © alex felipe - 11/01/2009 01:38:49 project: Vegas Wasteland \ America \ United States \ Las Vegas (Lvs)
Whatever my feelings about the place, it is very popular.  It's one of the fastest growing urban areas in the US, and I'm sure the popularity of gambling will always be strong.  It's just not my kind of town...
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15/01/2009 18:03    from : brevbrev14
Great use of the wide lens Alex..few elements well placed in the compo
very good

11/01/2009 12:48    from : galeota
This image reminds me my son's geometry homework. I wish the bottom right side was completely dark (without the useless signature you left there), so that I could fully appreciate the vertigo in this scene. I suppose there are three types of constructions in vegas: fast food, fast casino and fast church. That must be any architect dream. Gal

11/01/2009 11:34    from : flydragon
A casino !!  ho what a good idea  ;o)
We are finally going to be able to enjoy themselves has vegas .
can we more wide  hehe,  what lens Alex ?

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