the pigeon lady

greeneye / © inn michiels - 10/01/2009 17:58:26 project: Antwerp my city \ Europe \ Belgium \ Provincie Antwerpen
at the borders of the Schelde ... sitting in the shadow ,because it's too hot in the sun ... ( these days we can only dream of it : it's - 13°C ! )
scan from b&w negative
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15/01/2009 18:00    from : brevbrev14
Hi Inn, a relaxed scene well captured
the light management is very good and the pigeon is a good element in the compo to balance the photo
good one

13/01/2009 23:54    from : Xavis
pues a mi me gusta. Como te comentan ya, da una sensació de serenidad y calma, y  la paloma paseandose da un toque gracioso. El encuadre esta al milimetro. Concerniente al blanco y negro, es verdad que hubiera intentado dar un poco mas de gradación a los tonos negros, pero no puedo ser muy precioso ya que veo la foto des de mi panatalla de portatil.

hasta otra compañero,


12/01/2009 04:37    from : prantik
from the thumbnail I thought it was Gal's picture. It has the similar serene and meditative quality. The tonality could be improved though..

11/01/2009 12:09    from : galeota
I like it. Sort of contemplative, as about 80% of the photographs I personally take, hence I recognize my own view in this image of yours. Perhaps she seems a bit too dark (unless that's a problem with my screen). A scene favourable for letting one's dreams go by with the river. Gal

11/01/2009 11:41    from : flydragon
You have just one pigeon in your city ?? ;o)
Not the best of your serie, i am not realy crazy of this one.
There is not much which gets my attention in this scene.

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