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Toronto's streetcar network has been around since 1921 and is currently more than 300 km long. This type of public transportation has been - and is currently being - abandoned all across the world and here is my protest against it. I love trams, tram-lines and its overhead wires. Most of people complaint about them, but to me they are really special and photogenic.
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12/12/2007 05:08    from : prezntime
Hey Luis, i don't feel so comfy with this shot. I know the effect you were going for, but I think it was a little bit of a miss. I see you talk about the tram in the note, but the shot is really dominated by the blurry guy walking infront. Not only that, but his apparent expression is one of consternation...not conducive to your overall intention...well, IMO. Tonality is good...I might like to see the same shot with the gentleman and the tram occupying the complete opposite corners of the frame...your know anchoring each other. The shot is a little cluttered here.


10/12/2007 06:20    from : AnimeshRay
A very strong image, Luis, but for me the gorgeous effect created by this out-of-focus young Picasso is marred by that car emerging in the distance.  I wish you could crop, perhaps you can though it will crop part of his head which might be worth doing...

10/12/2007 01:14    from : jinju

I like trams too. They are convenient, in a way more so than subways, on a short distance journey and hell of a lot cheaper than subways to put in. Also they are cleaner in a way than buses, although we must remember that its a bit of an illusion as the trams might not pollute with exhaust but theie energy source does. Still, I too find them photogenic and Toronto has nice looking trams. I hope they stay.

The shot is nice, theres a nice division of the frame, static and moving. Its nice, fun capture

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