flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 19/12/2008 15:46:13 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
You are safe, the guard watches. 20 pictures time to close this project
with this simple picture, from a guard sleeping on the sky train.
When i took this picture i remember i was thinking. Why he just removed one shoe ?
hmmm it will always be a enigma.
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10/03/2009 18:13    from : Xavis

La reponse à ta questionne: Il voulait avoir le pie légèr comme ses rêves, mais pas se salire l'autre pie...en fait il est un tipe très organisé et propre, c'est pour celà qu'il a eu son post de gardien...dommage qu'il risque de le perdre maintenant à cause de sa somnolence.  ;-)

Une belle scene, sympa et avec des lumières très bien maitrises.

Hasta la vista,


21/12/2008 20:33    from : randomcameraguy
NICE!  Funny, human, and very much a daily life sort of scene.  I esp like how that shoe almost looks like it's being worn by the chair (heh).

A wonderful eye as always Fly!

20/12/2008 10:10    from : stevev1
Prantiks' observation is spot on but isn't this guy supposed to be on watch? If so he should be fired:)
The night colors are splendid here once more

19/12/2008 20:32    from : greeneye

hello Simon,

What a funny shot :)))))  What i noticed first was the chair and the shoe like a leg, i see also Francis mentionned it . Very funny detail !   Indeed very good quality when you see at the circumstances. Like Prantik says so poetic ;D : like they rubbed it with sand paper :DD  i know that feeling.  What's your secret ?
greetings, inn

19/12/2008 18:43    from : prantik
> Why he just removed one shoe ?

Because he does not want to get his socks dirty. He removed the shoe from the foot that is not touching the ground. Now, if he did it the other way around, that would be a real enigma :)

How do you manage to get such spotless quality in your low light shots? Even at 1600 ISO? My 400 ISO night pictures look like they were rubbed with sand paper.

This project of yours is really masterful, both in style and in content. Sorry, I don;t comment as often as I should although I visit the site regularly. I will comment more often in 09; my New Year's resolution :)


19/12/2008 16:24    from : fixed
Oups, il est endommagé celui la :). Superbe photo, une fois de plus Simon. Une scène cocasse ;) J'espère qu'après avoir pris cette photo, tu as eu au moins la délicatesse de lui remettre sa chaussure et de la bordé ;). Bien joué, super !

19/12/2008 16:00    from : Furachan
Il y a plusieurs aspects de cette image qui font rigoler un peu, Simon: il y a la "jambe de plus", en espece le pied de la chaise qui semble s'etre approprie la godasse et puis le contraste entre la pose "eveillee" du mec, jambes croisees et tout, sauf qu'il dort. C'est marrant, drole et triste a la fois, tu vois...? Sur le plan technique, rien a dire... Bonsoir, -F-

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