Miyabi Sushie

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 17/12/2008 19:20:31 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
In bangkok one thing is good for those who like eat Sushies, there some good restaurant.
Oupss ;o)  I hope that I am not going to blow up your screen, with these strong colors.
It is true that this project is called color of the night.
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19/12/2008 00:14    from : Xavis
Un autre beau jeux de lumières  et de plusieurs scènes en une. Peut  être j'aurais recadré la photo et laisser que la partie en lumière, car la partie sombre n'amène rien de spécial à la photo; mais voilà, juste un autre avis...
hasta la vista,


17/12/2008 23:37    from : Furachan
Beautiful compo and control over color , Fly ;o) I like how the "split screen" theme has crept up on this project, this time the screen is split in 3 or 4 depending on whether you count the vertical slice on the right. Bravo! -F-

17/12/2008 20:23    from : greeneye
ha Sushiman :)

You're working with levels the last time and i like that .  Makes the perspective in a different way , very original. I like a lot the strange night-colours.  I'm always fascinated by the "temperature of the colour" - what it does on your camera.  Fascinating to see it so different than in daytime ! Much richer !  Super serie !
greetings from a grey Belgium :(

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