Lost faces

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 16/12/2008 00:22:21 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Bangkok at night it is also lost faces...

((( sound here )))
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16/01/2009 00:37    from : randomcameraguy
Whoa!  I totally missed this one.  An amazingly powerful image Simon.  I wish that bright light wasnt there over her head--but if it weren't she wouldn't have light on her face... so whatever.  Love the image.

18/12/2008 10:42    from : bombilla
The fall to the ground.  The emptiness of the face, echoed by the empty chair.  The squares and rectangles into which a misshapen life will not fit.  Boy, you sure know how to knock of a street portrait, Simon.  Best, -h.

16/12/2008 18:51    from : greeneye

hi Simon,

Yes, indeed very strong, a " simple" compo which tells a rich story. You can image a thousand reasons and stories by this one !

inn :)

16/12/2008 12:54    from : Furachan
Peter took the words right out of my mouth, Fly... STrong, devastating shot really. I suspect the loneliness you found in the BKK streets sometimes reflected your own, you know, wandering these streets day after in search of images. I mean BKK can be a tough mistress... The quality of light, angle of attack, meticulous PP treatment is extraordinary. High level "Pro" work. And of course it fits absolutely into your project. -F-

16/12/2008 02:57    from : Homerhomer
another fabulous addition to a splendid project, it adds another dimension to the asian night, there is plenty of emotion floating in and around this wonderfull portrait, just splendid, can't find a fault.

ok, perhaps I found a weakness, not sure about the pink cast of the chair ;-)

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