Dundas Street West

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 07/12/2007 16:21:06 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
I had the feeling of meeting Mrs. Dundas everywhere I went in this city... It's a true giant artery, where people are always coming and going. Indeed a very lively place.

Side note (for Francis): This is not a hip shot. As none of my previous ones are. I never do hip shots. I like to duck a lot and frequently do it. It's great to grab people's attention. And it also gives me the ability to see what I am doing. Hip shots are a random feature for me... It's not easy to be a hip master like some of you. :)
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09/12/2007 20:40    from : prezntime

Hey Luis...I've had to look at this shot for a know, to let it sink in. I studied the other comments to see if they held secrets that I hadn't experienced. Well, not so much...I do like the shot though. Your photo seems to hold the sense of random encounters that exist in the city. Low profile really works here. The foremost man anchors the shot well and the diagonal lines of the cross-walk and overhead wires pull the shot together. Random, yes, but that is the city isn't it.



08/12/2007 18:35    from : Darren M
Hi Luis.  I really like the right half of the photo.  He is an interesting guy, I like how he is holding his hands and that half generally draws me in.  However, the left half of the shot doesn't really fit in with the right IMO.  I am just seeing two different scenes and that is made worse by the fact that it feels abruptly cut at the right.  Nice conversion to b&w. 

08/12/2007 07:33    from : AnimeshRay
Another loving image of this wonderful city. As someone who has lived in six American cities, I fell in love with this jewel of Canada very quickly because of its life. I see that same sense of life in your images.

08/12/2007 03:42    from : jinju
Im thinkijg about this one. On the one hand its a nice photograph of life on the street, on the other, Im not focused on anything thats happening here, I think theres no really decisive action. The Chinese guy is good but I wish he was more expressive. The CN tower and the Chinese character in the upper righthand corner act as good bookends.

07/12/2007 19:40    from : Furachan
A very nice street shot in the best tradition, Luis. Your trained eye knew to fill and in fact, LIFT the frame with that CHinese chap on the right - he seems to both define and "hold up" everything... Your series has a wonderful easy charm that grows on one...

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