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back from school

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 28/05/2008 15:37:39 project: somewhere in Isaan \ Asia \ Thailand \ Changwat Mae Hong Son
On a small road i was looking to the rice fields, the place was so beautiful, the smell so good. The weather of course hot, and my 5D on my shoulder. I saw far some students coming  on  bicycle.
Ok i stay in the middle of the road,  and let see how i can frame it.
sawasdee krap ;o)

add: just changed the colors setting. now the contrast look like the original
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28/05/2008 16:48    from : fixed
09/11/2007 00:33

hello simon
pure dynamic moment of joyness
the b&w is very nice and nostalgic
(I would like to see this picture whith the beautiful trixGrain ;))
wonderfull one ;)

yep, not flagrant but you recover but you recover what is needed ... even better ;)

06/03/2008 18:37    from : brevbrev14
superb work Fly!
i love the expressions captured, the sense of joy and freedom here..
great compo too

12/11/2007 02:38    from : Designsoul

Salut Simon, with such delightful subjects, the shot would be already interesting, but your slight tilt, the framing is what gives it a special je ne sais quoi that is both beautiful and dynamic, spreading their innocent joy into every pixel of the shot. Again, the tonal range is perfect, a tremendous work.
Thanks for your invitation! What a place...

09/11/2007 18:00    from : dolin
Ca fait plaisir et du bien à mes petits yeux de revoir du Simon....
J'aime beaucoup ce cadrage....c'est l'original ou y a du crop?
C'est super vivant avec ce cadrage très serré, ca me botte.
Ensuite, le léger mouvement sur les roues, ces smiles et ce regard de coin, ca donne une de ces vies à ce moment....waouhhhh
Pis question n/b, tjs avec ce léger "teinté", comme tu es capable d'en me scotch.
Bref, très bon


09/11/2007 11:44    from : eleparc
Il y a de la joie la dedans! c'est du trenet en photographie, ca sent l'été, les blés, la joie, la jeunesse insouciante! Un cadrage aux petits oignons et bien sur ce n&b dont tu as le secret! Du grand Simon en favori imédiat! c'est de la bombe ce qui sort aujourd'hui! (pas nucléaire, ouf!)

09/11/2007 05:47    from : Furachan
Alors ici j'admire ta technique et ton timing autant que le "feel", l'atmosphere un peu desuete de certaines annees, tres charmant d'ailleurs. J'aime vraiment beaucoup ton travail en grand angle - je le trouve tres vivant et percutant.

09/11/2007 01:36    from : s10001in

Hi Simon,

This is very beautiful Photo, full with real Dynamics.

Photo is talking about natural dynamism of kids, bubbling life full of fun & joy & innocence of childhood & that is getting more prominently seen in small world of Village with green nature.
Not only you but I even can smell the sweet sour smell of muddy rice paddy.


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