the ghost and the kid

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 09/12/2008 09:20:30 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
During the night of Halloween, a ghost in a taxi, and a child under the rain asked for a little money.
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22/12/2008 23:00    from : alimo3
Ici c’est vraiment du Simon des grands jours
L’ambiance est incroyable ,la lumière et le flou sur le monstre prés de toi dans la voiture rendent  cette image énigmatique  et saisissante
J’adore la lumière blafarde qui arrive de l’extérieur, traverse les gouttes d’eau et qui vient caresser l’appui-tête du conducteur.
Très belle image aussi bien dans la construction que dans la mise en scène .
Chapeau !

18/12/2008 12:11    from : vapours
Wow, just from the thumbnail I could tell this was going to impress me. One of the most striking and original images Ive seen in some time.

13/12/2008 23:12    from : greeneye

hello Simon,

What more can i add then just to admit what all the other already wrote... awesome, awesome, awesome ..... you cannot stop looking at it ....


10/12/2008 22:00    from : galeota
Nous sommes donc tous des fossiles côtoyant des anges qui vivent dans de gigantesques aquariums. Bien que ton point de vue soit du côté des morts, je n'ai aucun doute quant-à l'angélisme qui t'insuffle l'esprit, Simon (quoique :o)).

10/12/2008 20:39    from : Designsoul
Fly, this shot is one of the most amazing you have ever taken, imo, the beauty of its golden tones, the child's pure and straightforward gaze beyond the raindrop-filled windowpane of the taxi, the absurdity of the masked halloweener in the car make my hair stand on its end :) Gorgeous, like Steve McCurry's famous shot of a similar theme has been...
from reindeer land

10/12/2008 19:27    from : nerve
very nice one fly.. the 'moment' is so well caught! goes to my favourites, cheers.

10/12/2008 16:04    from : ALSOM
A priori, j'aime l'instant saisi à la volée. Le choc de 2 mondes, l'expression de 2 mondes qui se manifestent travers ces 2 regards, des attitudes qui s'ignorent. Le contraste est saisissant !

Mais je suis dérangé car la photo me trouble, me dérange, m'attriste car elle illustre le fossé grandissant entre 2 mondes: celui des pauvres et une société consumériste.

10/12/2008 07:37    from : Furachan
Simply stunning shot, Simon, what can I say? Nerve did some of this "inside the car" work too and this one is fantastic both in feeling and color.l A great one...

10/12/2008 03:01    from : prezntime

Yep, they are all right here. Killer moment, with such contrast, yet with such complimenting characters. I hate to make something of this nature seem trivial, but it is...I mean, TODAY we have people who cannot eat. To me, not having enough for food is beyond comprehension. Yet, in the face of such despair, life goes on...people live and love and spend their time enjoying the trivial side of life. Even so, the rain can be a cold friend when you're on the outside looking in.

09/12/2008 18:41    from : stevev1

What a shot Simon!! Talk about contrast of subjects...A boy begging shot from within a car is nothing new but having the halloween masked character inside the cab lifts this from being a "stolen" poverty shot into something utterly bizare and fascinating.

I repeat WHAT a shot Simon :) 

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