steph / © Stephane Wierzbicki - 06/12/2007 19:50:50 project: African portraits \ Africa \ Namibia \ Damaraland
Still a himba children with a baby goat
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04/02/2008 23:58    from : luisafonso
It's a tender portrait Steph. Like that light chocolate background. It goes well with the rest of the scene. A thing I would like to see captured differently, is the fact that I actually can't figure what type of animal he is holding. You say it's a goat, but to me it could well also be a dog. I miss the eyes of the animal. Probably a different pov would help getting a more striking image. But anyway, it's a good addition to your project. Filling a project with only stellar pictures is both very difficult and kind of boring (imho).

09/12/2007 06:25    from : prezntime
Shall I beat the dead horse. I'm sure by now you have an idea of how this photo lost a little bit of its impact...we need the eyes of the goat. Everything else about the shot is excellent...tonality, color, sharpness etc...but, the shot is obviously cropped, what did you take out?

08/12/2007 19:11    from : Darren M
This is a great subject and it looks like a very tender moment you caught here Steph.  However, I really wish we could see the goat's face and overall I think you are just in too tight and as such you have kind of removed the story from the photo.  A wider angle would have made quite a difference to me and a wider angle with the goat more towards the camera would have been the icing on the cake.  The skin tones here are fantastic.

07/12/2007 20:12    from : Furachan
The actual quality of the image is very high, Stephane. Skin color is beautifully captured, fcous is pin sharp, and as Luis says, the beige, neutral background sets the boy off very well. Having said that, again I wish the picture showed a little bit...more. These "portraits serres" are very hard to pull off in any original of exciting way, really, really hard. Some of us have seen tons of these things and it's tough to break through with them. It is of course in keeping with your stated project, but I can't help wishing you would have stepped back and shot the boy with plenty of background, no matter how desolate...

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