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Darren M / © Darren Melrose - 06/12/2007 14:48:00 project: Is it a protest if noone comes \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
The guy in red is the same guy as from the shot yesterday.  This is still from the first day of the protest and as I said, there were very, very few actual protesters.  There werel a lot of press people there though.  <P>
With the press outnumbering the participants by quite a margin, the participants were in high demand for interviews.  Here, our buddy is being interviewed by one of the local TV stations.  What you don't see though is that there are two other reporters and two more cameras lined up behind the reporter you see here waiting for their turn.  The media really was looking for something to happen, but in all honesty nothing was up.<P>
Today, things are picking up slightly and becoming even more absurd.  When I arrived today, there were about 300 police there, with the riot shields and batons.  There were more protesters now too, but the police easily had them outnumbered by about 6:1.  The police presence did draw in a lot of gawkers and the news media was in even greater presence.  I think there are now over 20 TV trucks parked there and the nwespaper guys were back in full force; lots of 1-Series Canons and D2Xs present.  There was some action, which I will cover later, but suffice it to say that for now it has been way overplayed, both by the government (not sure if it was the city or the feds) who called the police in and by the media, who had to glorify things to justify being on the clock for such a none event.<P>
The sign is still up and I can't figure out when it is due to come down.  It still seems to be a bit of a secret.  That is a good thing for this project anyways.  As a taxpayer, I am not quite so sure how good it is though.
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07/03/2008 10:33    from : brevbrev14
Another clever composition, with a fantastic low POV....
here the scene is very clear and well composed.
another very good work for this series

16/12/2007 15:27    from : markoci
yes, very clever, wish i'd taken it... strong media presence, they actually wanted to interview me too :-)... good pov, lovely colours and metering from you (as usual)... perhaps i'd have tried to recover some of the shadows from around his eyes...

14/12/2007 03:37    from : flydragon
from the second to this one its logic, and clever. I do like the composition here
and the way that you are down or this one. this composition is very clever, we have here
all the inforamtion. well seen

09/12/2007 06:20    from : prezntime

Great composition Darren...I mean, the photo is so full. I love that the man on the left is eating...very much with his mouth open. The interplay between his distracted face and the intent look of the standing man sums up this protest for me.

Very nice.


07/12/2007 13:03    from : luisafonso
Your low pov is great. You really lead us into the heart of the "conflict", sharing the concerns of the guy talking to the TV reporter. Composition is great. Even those plastic bags in the foreground are crucial here. And so is the standing man on the back. You really managed to distribute your elements across space and distance. Very good.

06/12/2007 22:37    from : Furachan
A perfectly cool and logical step from your last entry in the series, Darren. I like your low POV and the way you fill te frame from edge to edge, tightly packed. Colors are very true too, though I am not convinced tha they are necessary at all in this project - the don't distrat mind you but I have a sneaky feeling that this is a good, strong, documentary series in BW underneath, ya know...
Nice work.

06/12/2007 15:30    from : jinju
One of the coolest shots Ive ever seen was one during a war with soldiers laying down pointing rifles and a bunch of photographers taking their photo. Wish I remembered who took it. Would love to see that angle where you show the reporters too, if you have it. Nice close up here, you certainly did bring us in close and this does compliment yesterday's upload.

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