luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 06/12/2007 10:02:37 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
Still on Kensington Market where everybody looks for a good bargain.
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13/12/2007 17:36    from : Luko

probably the weak one of the bunch, neither a portrait, nor too graphical or contrasty rich.

I would kick this one out.

09/12/2007 05:57    from : prezntime

I sorta agree with Francis here...I mean, it is a strong photograph...but there isn't really any drama here. That may sound odd, but I'm convinced that you need the whole story in a cannot go with only a banal sign to mark the focal point of the shot. Remember, it isn't that there just happens to be something to focus on in the foreground, but that item (subject) must hold the attention and direct the viewers interest towards the background and explain its relevance. I think I understand what you're going for here, but it doesn't impact so well.



06/12/2007 22:52    from : Furachan
Hello Luis. Compositionally and technically this is an accomplished shot, very carefully laid out. Where it falls down for me a bit is content... You mat argue of course that, in your wander around town you ran into innocuous, ordinary scenes with little punch, and that is a valid point. Still when set next to the power of recern shots in your project it is a little weak (for me anway...)

06/12/2007 19:34    from : AnimeshRay
Excellent documentary! Love the use of gentle bokeh to highlight the couple's attention to bargain hunting.  Very nice black and white. This series of yours is fabulous.

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