The men in the mirror

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 05/12/2007 16:22:57 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
Kensington market is definitely my favorite area in Toronto. If I ever return, I will do an entire project about that area. It's not only a haven of fresh fruit, vegetables and dry goods stores; it's also a hype zone where you can find all the "alternative" trendy shops of vintage clothes, second-hand record shops, exquisite goods and other stuff related to the urban culture scene. The area is also one of the most universal places in Toronto: you'll easily sense the aroma of the Portuguese, East Indian, Ethiopian, Oriental or Caribbean cultures. A dream place for anyone who likes diversity.
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09/12/2007 05:25    from : prezntime

Man...those expressions...priceless huh? Somehow I love the reveresed reflection and the opposing postures and, AND, differing expressions of the two men. A study in opposites. Black, white; forward, reverese; smiling...well, not exactly frowning....who gives a doody...? Anyhow, I love the shot and the creativity behind the photo.



06/12/2007 13:38    from : nerve

very nice, kind of haunting shot.

06/12/2007 03:10    from : Furachan
A super cool, cever, celever shot in  aseries that keeps getting better all the time. You have great gifts, a very sophisticated approach to teh street (never mind you're really a landscaper!) The fact that these dudes are looking at you through the mirror is a huge bonus. Lovely compo, what could have been a messy, hurried shot is instead, well ordered and controlled.

06/12/2007 00:39    from : jinju
Very nice shot here that you on the right?:) Im wondering where you must have been not to get a reflection of you and then I realized that the best way to shoot this would be to pretend to be somebody else and be right in there. Well, who cares, the compo is great, fantastic use of reflection and now that the series has meat to it, its looking great

05/12/2007 19:12    from : galeota
My enthusiastic comment for this one. Very nice add on to your project, if I may say, and I'm beginning to feel jealous at the number of good photographs you got during a single afternoon strolling around. Their expressions are invaluable, for both of them. Enthusiastic also for the b&w conversion, as Darren judiciously points out. A pitty I did not manage to visit Toronto when I was in Canada, but I'm pretty sure it is a city where I would easily feel at home because of its multi- cultural/ethnic/racial atmosphere. Definitely, next time.

05/12/2007 17:35    from : Darren M
Great stuff.  First rate b&w conversion and a quirky but inviting composition.  I really love how the mirror is at an angle and the expressions the two guys were giving you are great too.  The dummy heads with sunglasses and funky hats are also great.  I like everything about this one.

05/12/2007 17:00    from : Designsoul
Great work, Luis, reflecting my love of reflection and also ethnic market places. Your TO shots are really flying by now, each day you are adding a strong one after the next. Like in your previous "framing", you continue now with that via the mirror here. Love the fellows' expressions in them, the immediacy, spontaneity yet also photographic sophistication.

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