luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 04/12/2007 19:46:29 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
Toronto's university campus is a huge "playground" of more than 60 hectares, bounded by Bay Street, Bloor Street, Spadina Avenue and College Street. The nearby amazing green space - Queen's Park - is home to many of Toronto's highlights. Here, a student mounts an iron display easel while some of his colleagues pass by this inner courtyard. I liked this area a lot.
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05/12/2007 12:05    from : luan
As Al, it seems we are looking at a wide screen at cinema and during the movie you see an outline appears and listen the audience screaming ... ahhh, grrrrrr.....It's a smart compo Luis.

05/12/2007 10:38    from : ALSOM
Strangely, I feel like in a tehatre wtaching a film and suddenly someone show up on the stage or soemeon behind the large screen. Very nice perspective.

05/12/2007 05:58    from : AnimeshRay
Yes, a study in patterns, in silhouette and in tones of gray. The range of tonality is good. The series continues to explore the interesting city.

05/12/2007 04:45    from : jinju
I do like the black framing within the frame and it does look like a movie screen. Your project offers us a lot of different vies and moods. Its an interesting walk and Im curious if you have arranged this in chronological style. Its a disjointed project in that there isnt a lot of continuation from shot to shot but thats not bad, infact Ill be starting a project in that similar fashion. Your project represents a day in a city, and for me, my days are usually filled with many disjointed scenes.

05/12/2007 04:07    from : prezntime
Great treatment here Luis. I'm with Sasa, I see this as a giant screen upon which a fussy front-rower has cast a silhouette. Larger than that is the irrelevance that I feel here (not meant to be negative at all). In fact, the mundane atmosphere is the very thing that makes this shot so attractive to me. An ordinary scene of youth walking complimented by a persons search through some personal effects...completely unaware of the scene playing out just infront.

04/12/2007 23:41    from : Furachan
Beautiful slide from your wander about town, Luis. This series has really taken on after one or two slightly weaker views. You are asserting your intelligent eye on every scene you encounter, and it is quite gripping. Love the natural BLACK frame around this, which deserves to be printed LARGE somewhere, like a museum or a gallery ;o), with me lecturing about it, lol!

04/12/2007 22:23    from : Designsoul
Bom Dia Luis. I first thought that there was a large movie screen in front of me, with the silhouette of a person in front; and as is, the shot becomes philosophical, besides the autumnal feel that you still could capture (as opposed to the heavy blanket of snow these days!) Again, beautiful bw, superb tones... would be good to go together on a photo shoot next time you are coming to Canada, may it be a touch closer too.
Take care

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