A Bad Start

Darren M / © Darren Melrose - 04/12/2007 17:55:53 project: Is it a protest if noone comes \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
Interesting thing, this uploading in projects, rather than just singles.  The photo I really would like to put up doesn't quite start the story like I want it to, so I am sending this one up right now.  As I will write in the project description, there was a very slow start to the protest against the name change of the Chiang KaiShek/Taiwan Democracy Monument changing of the name at the main gates.  Media outnumbered protesters by at least 10:1 and I had the feeling that the very few who did protest felt let down by the lack of general support.  As you can see, this guy isn't all that happy. 

He is obviously a KMT supporter and a DPP hater, as that is Taiwan's president and the head of the DPP in the photo at the right.  I am sure things will pick up, but thusfar the protest hasn't provided the spark and interest so common at policital rallies here on the Beautiful Isle.  

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16/12/2007 15:16    from : markoci
haha, you may have jumped the gun, with the project title as well as this photo's.. definitely a slow start though and this shot conveys that amosphere very well... gotta love the tattoo, don't recall this guy.. good quality, i like the subtle splash of colours here and there...

13/12/2007 12:28    from : sandip
and also , i see the photograph is upside down ... i read the description of your notes here and feel this is a potential image for the project... now we should have a process where we can arrange the order for a project too .. this is such a strong one.. but i really do not know if this could be an opening one ..

05/12/2007 12:27    from : luisafonso
A bad start indeed... The lonely atmosphere here is the absolute antithesis of a protest scenery. You inserted the guy into the needed context and that makes the photo. It tells a story, the one you're trying to pass, so I guess it's a well succeeded shot. Could also be a nice addition to your smokers project.

05/12/2007 04:57    from : prezntime

Love the somber attitude here...The fact that this is a protest is just that much more interesting. The boredom here is thick...almost draining in its heaviness. Nothing like setting out on a mission that you know will change the world and realizing that you're all alone.



05/12/2007 04:10    from : jinju

Projects are a whole other ballgame, eh darren? I think the best way to descrive them is with the word "sacrifice". You sometimes have to sacrifice the single shot for the good of the whole. But lets face it, projects are what its all about. Singles are meaningless.


I think this might be a good start. You start us out slowly, and I like low tension beginnings. Luko said an opening panorama is good, I think a low tension shot and building to a crescendo are also an effective way to go. I like the layout of the composition. Nicely balanced faces here and a mood of waiting.

04/12/2007 23:43    from : Furachan
Love the shot and the slow simmering, almost dandy-ish approach to the brewing protest. Interesting theme, lots of potential. Not obvious, really. Keep em coming, Mark!

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