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markoci / © Mark Panszky - 04/12/2007 15:38:56 project: a night at the theater \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
i often wish i spoke chinese...
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09/12/2007 05:19    from : prezntime
I'm onboard with this as well...Darkness is good...we exist in darkness at times, yet many photographers reject the confusing colors and focus that darkness brings. This only works because of the colors in the background. For me, the reflection is nice, but juxtaposed against the brightly colored background the story unfolds...for myself of course. Strong...very strong. I'm with ya.


04/12/2007 23:47    from : Furachan
I understand Darren's point but 1) I'm assuming you know what you're doing ;o) and you wanted it like that and 2) I can buy into it, there is enough gilt edged detail in the room, contrasting with the brightly lit stage. Quite a feat of control I should have thought...

04/12/2007 16:34    from : Designsoul

Absolutely beautiful, Mark. The interplay between colours and the silhouettes with the nice, kind of tryptich-like arrangement of figures (and of course that lovely mirror reflection) is beautiful. I am not bothered whatsoever by the harsh contrasts here, in fact I think they bring out the lovely bokehy background hues, giving the shot a magical atmosphere. Welcome to PH, if a bit belatedly... szia,


04/12/2007 16:25    from : Darren M
I love the reflection here; obviously it is the reason for the photo and it works well. Things are little too dark for my tastes though; could you bring up the exposure more in PP?

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