flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 28/10/2008 17:25:01 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
All is about money..
but who really care a baby sleeping..
Silom road the night is coming and people are hurry to go back home.

PS: just sold my D300  to buy this wonderful lens, Canon 35mm fixe lens   f 1.4 mm a real pleasure by night
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27/11/2008 23:59    from : alimo3
Wadeeee Simon ,
Cette image est une réussite  et dégage une  atmosphère incroyable,
Comme un rêve, un cauchemar, ou bien une soirée de Noel,
J'aime quel'oeil hésite pour savoir qui est le sujet principal ,l’homme avec sa grosse tirelire dorée ,la femme qui se prosterne  ou bien l’enfant au visage d’ange ?
ta légende  « All is about money » est implacable et colle à la réalité .


30/10/2008 14:21    from : Furachan
The lens is fabulous but the compo here, is not... in my humble view. The reason I say that is the eye isn't pulled hard enough toward one target but is instead left to wonder...up at the man with the box, down to the baby on the ground. There is potentially a very powerful picture here but timing, or something isn't quite right so it ends u looking a little messy.

29/10/2008 12:03    from : Xavis
Comment tu oses te régaler un nouveau joue en pleine crise... ;-) Tu fais bien ! Et en voyant la photo la qualité est extra.
La photo est touchante, par le visage serein de ce petit bébé au milieu de cette foule.

Hasta la vista,


29/10/2008 02:50    from : AnimeshRay
Very nice composition.  You have managed to highlight that little face in a crowd by a clever use of compositional element.  Nice color.
Congratulations on the new lens.

28/10/2008 23:37    from : fixed

Salut Simon,
Alors on fait des folies, on craque avant Noël :) ... Une très belle photos de plus pour ce projet, qui s'annonce une fois de plus super beau et sensible. Bravo.

28/10/2008 20:12    from : greeneye

hello Simon

COngrats with your new toy :)  it's indeed a splendid quality ! good for your nightshots, no messing around with tripods or flashes...
great image, two worlds in one shot, the peacefull sleeping baby and the rushing people next to it.

greetings, inn

28/10/2008 18:42    from : nerve
its a great lens Simon, my best Canon lens along with the 135L f/2 i would say..its quite sharp at 1.4 too which is a real asset at night..nice compo. here, well done. cheers.

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