the lost world

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 19/10/2008 04:59:09 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
In Bangkok we can see dogs, cats, elephants, and of course dinosaurs :)
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25/10/2008 13:39    from : greeneye

hello SImon,

Super photo :)  i like the surrealism in it. Again that great nightcolours. The tilt works very well here. I can see you have a great time in BKK :)
greetings, inn

19/10/2008 23:44    from : Designsoul

Salut Simon,

I thought you took this in Vegas, that is the feel, so kitchy American stuff, really great, the colours are extraordinary, the blue of the sky intoxicatingly so, the red of the lcd or whatever frame works magically with it. And then there's that weird tilt that pulls me even closer to this weird scene. Bravo!


19/10/2008 20:13    from : stevev1

Stupendous night colors Simon. I love that last light in the sky. The tilt and the dino make this a very intriguing image

All the best

19/10/2008 19:24    from : brevbrev14
Ciao Fly!
what a night atmosphere captured here!
and with a great crazy wonderful detail....the dinosaurs!
the blue of the sky is wonderful

19/10/2008 18:12    from : Luko
The exagerated tilt gives me a slight seasick, it shows that you were limited by your angle (although 16mm is already something wiiiiide on a FF camera) but the colors are really fantastic... that's what night photography is all about.

19/10/2008 16:24    from : bombilla
Interesting one.  I think you should just turn it 90 degrees clockwise, so it's a portrait orientation.  Best, -h.

19/10/2008 12:36    from : Furachan
Great urban shot with blindingly good color, Simon! Love the split along the diagonal. It's Vegas just as much as BKK... or "The Lost World" by Spielberg. terrific fun and very exiting and daring photography. A FAV.

19/10/2008 06:47    from : Stig
The blue of the sky is extrordinary! I think Animesh has a point about the tilt. I find it a bit too severe as well. I find that I have to tilt my head too much to see it!

19/10/2008 06:21    from : AnimeshRay
Hi Simon,
Very interesting scene and great color.  But I am afraid either the tilt is too severe or it would be more effective in the opposite direction so the neck of the brontosaur would tilt to the right of the frame.  Here the backward tilt seems to reduce the space.
Best wishes,

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