luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 01/12/2007 20:21:45 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
When the sun sets in the middle of Toronto's downtown heart, neons spark the entire place, like in a mini version of Times Square. It's impossible for a Lisbon guy like me - where the biggest neons fit in my dining room - not to be mesmerized by all this megawatts.
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01/12/2007 22:03    from : Furachan
Very cool hip shot, Luis - love those shadows maintained at the bottom. Some smart, intelligent processing in evidence here. What's happened here (for me) in this series is quite simply, after a couple of early weak spots, your pics have become stronger and stronger which tells us (as if we didn't know already) that ou have a very good eye, and can bag quite a few keepers wandering around a town in one day...

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